Mangers are often heard saying, “Patience is a virtue, Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Leaders know that patience is overrated and that Rome took way too long to build. But don’t think of this in a negative connotation using a term like “impatience”. Think of the positive version of this, which is “urgency”. Regardless of your industry, there is some level of competition where someone will fill a need for a product or service or infrastructure enhancement, or anything needed in your organization. Think of it as someone always chasing you…
You need to have a sense of urgency that your team, your department, your organization is the one to get it done, the one to win and reap the rewards that come from the success of the accomplishment. Urgency is the key. Create some inspiration in your teams this week, the inspiration leads to urgency which leads to things really getting done, and real value created. Share if you have a story. #urgency

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