Dealer Consolidation Trend is Overrated

June 19, 2018By EditorAnalysis No Comments

I recently read the second article within the past few weeks that talked about the rapid, unstoppable, and significant consolidation among auto dealerships. Both articles impress upon the inevitable need to consolidate to survive or face failure, even if you are successful two-or three-generation owned auto dealership. The reasons for consolidation range from needing more economies of scale, … Read More

Leaders Create Urgency

June 19, 2018By EditorInnovation No Comments

Mangers are often heard saying, “Patience is a virtue, Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Leaders know that patience is overrated and that Rome took way too long to build. But don’t think of this in a negative connotation using a term like “impatience”. Think of the positive version of this, which is “urgency”. Regardless … Read More