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Asset & Strategic acquisition

Auto Experience is focused on strategic acquisitions that will advance the development of mainstream, online auto financing transactions and other consumer services in the automotive vertical. AE does not have a size requirement, but focuses on strategic opportunities that can move good organizations to great through re-engineering of technology, operations, and capitalization. AE targets opportunities that have teams and stakeholders inspired and committed to improve the consumer experience in all areas of the retail automotive space.

Technology Consulting

The auto finance industry today serves a vital role in channeling the capital means to put drivers on the road. Whatever the form of capital, consumers are demanding the use of technology to deliver a closed transaction in similar manners as other industries, and they are currently left unsatisfied. AE can show your organization simple, but powerful ways to deliver a true, online solution to customers that meets the needs of sellers, capital markets, and regulatory groups. Everyone wins, especially your company.

Analytics and Strategic Planning

If your organization is already on the path toward the complete online transaction, Auto Experience can help through pricing, credit, unit economics analytics and/or strategy and planning. As you grow and hit successful milestones, an outside experience viewpoint can often help in lasering in you goals for satisfying consumers, as well as your investment return goals.


We are well-versed in the leading auto finance industry decision systems, networks, and data architectures. We use this expertise to create value in transforming traditional operations.


Our goal is to provide solutions that are tailored to sustained consumer satisfaction, and your company's needs breaking new ground. It's not just another "expert" coming in doing the same thing. No matter the budget, we are committed to making this happen, it's time for the new way.


Many companies find that constant maintenance eats into their budget for new technology. By partnering with AE through a consulting project, acquisition, or re-engineering, we are focused on nothing short of your ROI targets and meeting customer satisfaction goals.



Samuel Ellis
Founder and CEO

Previously founder and CEO of DriverUp, an online auto finance market place. DriverUp was incubated through Sierra Auto Finance, a successful independent auto finance company also founded by Sam. Previously, Sam served as CEO of Exeter Finance Corp., an auto finance company he co-founded. Previously he was Senior leader in risk management at AmeriCredit, and Summit Acceptance, now Capital One Auto Finance. Sam holds a BS and MA in Economics from SMU and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Ronald Ezealah
Technology Lead

Ronald is a Senior Platform Engineer and an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. His experience includes working with clients of all sizes – from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups – designing and implementing cloud-first infrastructure and strategies. Ronald served 7 years as a consultant for KPMG before moving on to manager roles at Kraft-Heinz and Farmer Bros. Previous projects include build an online travel finance portal fully integrated with Priceline's inventory system and building a cloud-based Picture Archive and Communication system (PACS) for Cardiothoracic Radiologists.

Design/Product Marketing

Product design, user experience, and other work focused on the “experience” of an online app or service are often looked at as nice to haves, but are probably the most critical to digital success. It is specifically the way a person connects with an online option for a product or service that determines whether they adopt in permanently vs. conventional options. Do they feel empowered and satisfied, or do they consider it too tedious, or requiring too much work? This is why digital products work, because they are simply useable to the consumer, not because of complex technology. Technology is simply the platform foundation, but appealing, intuitive helpful user experience design is what makes the difference in successful digital markets. Auto Experience has partnered exclusively with Human Design for all these needs. John Weiss leads a group of inspired designers, engineers, and creatives, who are passionate about how HD can do more to simplify auto finance. They have a track record of success on a number of projects in the auto sector and stand ready to do more. http://www.humandesign.com


Richard Frunzi brings years of experience creating value in automotive retail and credit operations. He directed practical innovation as a senior leader at Americredit, both with proprietary development, JV partnerships, and custom integrations, creating the best-in-class platform acquired by General Motors. Richard skillfully pivoted operations leadership from large organizations to startups, co-founding and running operations for Exeter Finance Corp, a market leading independent auto finance company purchased by Blackstone, and MUSA Auto Finance, the leasing industry's first fully automated finance company. Most recently, he directed a successful platform upgrade as EVP, Operations at a BHPH industry company catering to the Hispanic market.

Head of Strategy

Strategy leaders are critically under-rated in an organization, but much harder to find than common wisdom holds.  Dodie Butler is one of these strategic leaders that brings it.  She is an expert in business transformation:  connecting real-world pieces in an organization to create value not easily seen on the surface.  She's a true strategic thinker who influences both culture and operating models to drive results.  She brings a track record of focus on creating and directing strategies that show up in real revenue, profitability and cash flow, not just in concept.  She has C-level experience across multiple industries including financial services, healthcare and technology at places such as Ally Financial, NexClaim Technologies and United Health Group.  Dodie holds a BBA and MA from University of Texas.

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